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The concept of the CD's:
With this CD series, Mamady Keita's traditional solos and improvised rythms can be practised with varying tempos. These solos are taught  worldwide by Mamady and his trained apprentices.
The djembe -  and dunun accompaniments have been recorded with MIDI-Sequencer.  It is therefore possible to play along with varying speed, absolute reliability and completely stable tempo. All the traditional solos and improvisions are played by Mamady Keita.
In the first part of the CD you can hear the voices of the individual rhythms as well as the Djembé-Solo. In the following "practice part" you can practice the traditional solo or you can play your own improvisation while the tempo is gradually increasing. At the beginning of each tempo Mamady will still play, afterwards the rhythm will continue without solo.
At the end you will hear a free improvisation from Mamady.

 1.  Diansa more details
 2.  Djabara
 3.  Garangedon
 4.  Kotedjuga
 5.  Soli rapid
 6.  Soko
 7.  Kuku
 8.  Mendiani
 9.  Soli des Manian
10. Yankadi
11. Soboninkun
12. Wassolonka

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Mamady Keita
was born in Balandugu, a small village in Guinea/West Africa. An old “Djembefola” taught him how to play the drums while he was still a child. Mamady was the first solist and artistic leader of the Djoliba National Ballet. He has been travelling throughout the world for the past twenty years. Today he passes on his knowledge to students all over the world and teaches in USA, Japan, Belgium, France and Germany.

Contact: www.pragmasoft.be;  Email: mamady@ttmusa.org;  Phone: 001/619/840 6868

Rainer Arold

lives in Munich and teaches Djembé since 1990. In 1992 he met Mamady Keita who became one of his most important teachers. He did serveral projects with him.

Contact:www.djembe-arold.de;   Email: rainer@djembe-arold.de;    Phone.: 0049-(0)89-180925


There is a list of djembe teachers and shops, where you can get the CDs:

Monette Marino:
Email: monette@ttmusa.org
Homepage: www.ttmusa.org
Tel.: 001-619-294-9550

Bradley Boynton
Rhythm Traders
424 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232
503-288-6950 phone
503-397-4343 fax

Ken Tokuda
Email: hp@ttmmjp.net
Homepage: www.ttmjp.net
Tel/Fax: 0081(0)9913-2-5001

Rainer Arold
Leonrodstr. 89
80636 München
Tel.: 0049 (0)89 180925
Email: rainer@djembe-arold.de
Homepage: www.djembe-arold.de